Lemon, lemon, lemon…refreshing lemonade.

Today I would like to show a project on glass. A bottle in which Agni will keep refreshing lemonade during hot days in Cyprus.

It is a quite interesting how a desire for this bottle was created.
One day Aleks brought to my work a drink in a bottle that is presented here. Agni seeing it got very excited and on the spot ordered one for her. It took me some time to finish this undertaking. When my hand was not so much bothering me from the injury I was working on the bottle.
Finally, Agni received her order last night and I can show ready project to a public.

If you wish to make one for yourself you can learn how from the next post. If you aren’t blessed with such skills feel free to contact me. We will make one for you. :D

Glass bottle for drink, lemonade, decorated.

Decorated bottle, decoupage, shading

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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