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AnnaDecou hand painted lace, relief, decorative sand, handbemalte eier mit spitze.

Big Easter Egg / große Ostereier.

I know Easter has passed, but I can not resist the urge of sharing with you. :) I would like to show you another egg that I have made at the creative weekend mentioned in a previous post. The egg proudly presented itself on our windowsill during the Easter time. I really love it! The motive […]

AnnaDecou handmade Easter egg, Handgemcht Ostereier.

Easter and the new changes.

Wishing you joy, health, peace and…creativity. :D May you find the renewal of hope and the spirit of God. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones. :D  Some time ago I had the pleasure to spend a weekend with creative people in a beautiful guesthouse by a river. There I had the chance to practice a new technic […]