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AnnaDecou hand decorated vintage Christmas ornament, Serveittentechnik handgearbeitet Vintage Weihnachtsornament.

Vintage Heart Christmas Decoration / Vintage Weihnachtsherz Dekoration.

What is awesome in decoupage that there is an unlimited amount of shapes and objects that one can decorate. :D In this season, I have managed to make few beautiful Christmas ornaments in a heart shape. You can see them here and here. The silver heart is hanging on our window decoration and the one with […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated wooden box with crackle glaze and 3D ornament, Serviettentechnik Serviettentechnik Hand dekoriert holzkiste.

Upcycled mandarin crate / Serviettentechnik Upcycled Mandarin Kiste.

Some time ago I have found a mandarin crate. Before I got inspired and decided what I would like to use it for, the case spent a couple of weeks on my balcony. ;P Lately, when I was arranging the shelves with decoupage materials, the idea of creating an organizer for paints came to my mind. The color is not […]

AnnaDecou wooden box with custom motif, Holzkiste von Hand dekoriert.

Bunny and bear – memory box.

Some time ago I got an order for a box. A young gentleman, who order it for his sweetheart, wished to have on the lid a motif with bunny and bear. It took me some time to find the one he really likes but eventually we got a perfect picture. The author of the picture is Carrie […]

AnnaDecou, 2 steps crackle, vintage, Roses, Weinlese-Geschenk-Box.

A Blue Beauty. Two steps crackle.

In today’s post, I would like to present you a vintage style blue box with beautiful roses. The flowers motif is a gift from Asket – her paper collection. Two steps crackle is a medium that definitely one can use on actually any surface. This magic medium creates each time different outcome. This makes decoupage even […]

AnnaDecou handmade decorated binder.

Part XI. Awesomely decorated binder.

Binders were first objects that we decorated at the course. I love the whole design. Background hues are perfectly combine with the motif. One can not distinguish that the sunflowers were glued onto painted surface. At the front of the binder one can find a name of a school, in which I attended for the training. […]

AnnaDecou - aluminium flower pot, Metall Blumentopf.

Part X. Working on metal.

At the course we worked on different kind of surfaces. This time I would like to present an aluminium flower pot. In fact metal is not my favorite material, but I’m glad to know how to deal with it. Now, for example, I can create a beautiful container for crayons, pencils & pens that will […]

AnnaDecou. Canvas background painting.

Part VII. Decoupage on canvas.

Decoupage on canvas is one of very useful technique I have learned at the course. It taught me literally, how to paint a background around a motif that those two create one consistent wholeness. I saw some of the work made by my teacher in her workshop and I was really amazed. From far one […]

AnnaDecou glass decoupage vase, background shading, flowers

Part V. Glass vase.

The last days of the course and the tiredness added difficulties in making this vase. To me, and as I notice, to other girls that took part in the course, this was one of the most difficult and time consuming techniques we had a chance to learn. It took me 2 full days to make […]

AnnaDecou wooden box, stencils, shadings

Mysterious woman.

The motif of a mysterious woman I have found in a magazine. The photo itself had a nice range of colors which was a good object to use in order to practice some of skills I gained at the course. I cut off the background and bit by bit play with paints, colors and shades. […]

AnnaDecou decoupage wooden tray- secret garden

Part IV. Decoupage tray.

Wooden tray and lot of various decoupage methods :D Sides of the “Secret Garden” tray are decorated using Shabby Chic method. The beautiful flowers and butterflies are precisely cut out from decorative paper and glued onto the surface. The motifs are blended into the background using pittorico. Printed inscription is transferred onto the surface, and then the […]