Lemons in, lemons out – decorated bottle – step by step.

As mentioned here, in this post I will guide you through process of decorating a glass bottle. You can use it as a bottle for a refreshing summer drink, a decoration in your home or as an unique bottle for your kid. Definitely, drinking from it, he will think how creative and awesome his mum/dad is. ;)

I will deeply appreciate you sharing pictures and purpose of your bottle. :)

Let’s start! :)

AnnaDecou DIY decorated bottle

– glass bottle,
– glass cleaner or alcohol, paper towels,
– primer (the best) or white acrylic paint (cheaper option),
– napkin or paper with a design you wish to decorate the bottle with,
– mod podge,
– acrylic paints matching motif,
– retarded,
– scissors,
– brushes, sponge,
– painting tape,
– acrylic varnish.

Preparing the bottle before background painting:
– clean well the bottle using glass cleaner from any dirt (glue, oil, dust…);
– if you wish to leave some clear space cover that area with painting tape;

AnnaDecou Decoupage bottle DIY

AnnaDecou decoupage bottle step by step– paint the bottle with primer – let it dry (best with a sponge; if needed 2x).
– cut out the motif from napkin/paper and set up the design you want to have;
– glue the design to the bottle surface – let it dry.

AnnaDecou decoupage bottle, placing motif DIY

AnnaDecou decorated bottle, step by step

Blending the background with the motif:
In order to make the background I have choose color most similar to the background on the napkin. Then I make different hue of that color adding black and white paint. When the colors were ready I have added few drops of liquid retarded. With a sponge I tap the paint onto the bottle – two colors at once give nice blend. When I had difficulties blending the paint with the motif I used small hard brush – I put very little paint on a brush and tap it into the surface.
In order to make the design look more natural I paint with very thin brush some leafs and over-painted some ages of the motif and the letters. When I felt satisfy with the outcome I set it to dry.
At the end  few layers of varnish – remember, each layer must dry for min. 12 hours before putting new.

AnnaDecou background shading decoupage

AnnaDecou backroung shading decoupage step by step

The bottle in the pictures above are without varnish where the blending/shading is more visible.

Hope you enjoyed! Any questions? ;)

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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