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AnnaDecou decorated box for Stephana, Baptismal Lambathes, Martirika

Box for Stephana, wedding or baptism memories.

Talking about marriage. Ours will take place in less than a month. :D As we know there is The One who has a great plan for us. This time His plan is really awesome. Listen to this! 27th of June is a Big Day for my niece and goddaughter Amelia. When we (actually Alek’s dad) […]

AnnaDecou wooden box African motif, magnetic fastener.

Traveler – adventurist!

Funny, it seems we forget what is a pure excitement when we get older. A traveler can deeply enjoy his journey when he entirely trust to God and his guidance, then the fear has no right of existence. I don’t know how may years have passed, but my whole body and soul experience an excitement […]

AnnaDecou crackle glaze, decorated gift, box, key holder

It can not be…

The first decade of April is behind us. Who would think we will have snow in Troodos at this time of the year? Am I really living in Medetarienian Island? ;P Only one thing comes to my mind to share with you today. This box goes perfectly with a current weather. As we have Easter break from […]

AnnaDecou decoupage box spring, gift.

Spring – how new come to a life.

Life is a constant change, a cycle which never stop. Spring is a part of this cycle. Life which was in deep sleep for many months is awakening, new is born, beautiful changes are happening. Spring was approaching me for many, many months, and now start fully blooming. It is a time for changes, time […]

Chestnut mum:D

I wish you and your loved ones in this beautiful and amazing 2015 year health and wealth! Inspiring quote of a great man – Napoleon Hill. There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it. This […]

AnnaDecou decorated wooden box, reindeer, brocade

Christmas coming :)

Christmas ambience @ AnnaDecou :) Let the bells ring! :D Sweet reindeer box. In this post, I will explain step by step how can you also make an awesome box. Ready? I hope so. :) Let’s start!  :) You will need: – small box, – dinner napkin, – Primer or white acrylic paint, plus another color, – […]

AnnaDecou wooden box, shells

Secret from the depths of the sea.

This box was created at the beginning of summer, soon after arranging a new source for wooden boxes. Because the box itself is very good quality, my wish was to make it look very different. While choosing the motif I was a bit limited by the black soft fabric placed at the inner side of the […]