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AnnaDecou handmade tea jar, print room, Serviettentechnik handgemacht schwarz und weiß Tee Kanister.

Black & White -‘Print Room’ Technique / ‘Print room’ Serviettentechnik in Schwarz und Weiß.

Since a very long time, I desired to try out ‘print room’ technique. I have searched for the right motif but I could not find the one I really liked. Some time ago browsing through hundreds of napkins I have dug out one design in three colors: black, red and blue. I have seen many […]

AnnaDecou hand decorate tea jar, Serviettentechnik hangemachte Tee-Kanister.

Tea canisters / Tee-Kanister.

Some time ago I met two very sweet and warm-hearted Polish sisters, Ela and Iwonka. They live in Germany for many, many years and their mother comes to visit them regularly. We become so close, that they are calling Aleks and I “their kids”. :) Once during their visit to our home, we offered Mrs. Irenka, […]

Hand craft glass jar with relief outliner, Hand dekoriert Glas mit Relief.

DIY Antique silver & copper treasury.

Those little treasures one can use for as many porpuses as one can think of. I have so many visions that at the end I must do more copies to materialise those ideas. :D Today I would like to share with you how to make your own treasury. :) In order to make those beauties […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated tea jar, handdecoriert Tee Behalter.

Custom gifts – tea canister.

The German course is behind me and thanks to it my knowledge of the language is much broader. Also new friendships began from people I studied with. :) Finally, after a few weeks of waiting, yesterday I have received my B1 certificate. I passed with flying colours!:D Beside many hours spent studying, all this is […]

AnnaDecou decoupage workshops, working on glass.

Frankfurt workshops have started.

The time of school is finished, a german exam is behind me. I can proudly say that after 7 months I am able to communicate in a new language. :D A normal part of life is that we are in constant move and there are always new challenges and possibilities approaching our horizon. Next two […]

AnnaDecou vintage style hand decorated pot. Hand dekoriert Krug, Erleichterung.

Vintage diffuser.

Long time passed since I did research about natural air fresheners. Online you can find plenty of DIY projects and ideas. From all possibilities, I like mostly diffuser, just because of its simple use. You can place it anywhere you wish and Voilà, you are surrounded by favorite scent. :D Here we have a freshly […]

AnnaDecou recycle jar -pasta container. Decoupage-handmade-box-for-pasta.-Pasta-Behälter..

That was just a gherkin jar. Look what happened to it.

Sorry for being a bit delayed in my posting schedule, but all for a good reason. ;) Aleks’ brother graduated (we are all very proud of him :D) and due to this reason I had a pleasure to visit a new country – the United Kingdom. :D I am still organizing the kitchen. ;) As […]

AnnaDecou decoupage flower vase. Micorbeads.

It was just a bottle form vinegar. Look how it changed.

Some time ago I visited Rome. The girl that hosted me was drinking every day on an empty stomach an apple vinegar deluded with water. When I learned about the benefits one gets from drinking it, I have decided to check it out when I return from my trip. I got the vinegar. Must admit […]

AnnaDecou DIY decorated bottle

Lemons in, lemons out – decorated bottle – step by step.

As mentioned here, in this post I will guide you through process of decorating a glass bottle. You can use it as a bottle for a refreshing summer drink, a decoration in your home or as an unique bottle for your kid. Definitely, drinking from it, he will think how creative and awesome his mum/dad is. ;) […]

Decorated bottle, decoupage, shading

Lemon, lemon, lemon…refreshing lemonade.

Today I would like to show a project on glass. A bottle in which Agni will keep refreshing lemonade during hot days in Cyprus. It is a quite interesting how a desire for this bottle was created. One day Aleks brought to my work a drink in a bottle that is presented here. Agni seeing it got […]