Spring – how new come to a life.

Life is a constant change, a cycle which never stop. Spring is a part of this cycle. Life which was in deep sleep for many months is awakening, new is born, beautiful changes are happening.
Spring was approaching me for many, many months, and now start fully blooming. It is a time for changes, time to leave the old behind and let new flourish in its magnificence.

Life blessed and gave an opportunity to leave my job, move to a new country, follow my goal of mastering in decoupage. And the most amazing is that, I will finally be next to a man who always is a great support and encouragement from me. I pray to be to him as good as he is for me during your adventure. Amazing adventure called life. Adventure which we decided to take on by each other side.

Perfect for today occasion – Spring wooden box.
Box full of beautiful, colorful flowers.

The box is decorated with full motif using iron method. The flower on the top is created using stencils and modeling paste.

AnnaDecou decoupage box spring, gift.

AnnaDecou gift wooden box, templates

AnnaDecou decorated wooden box, gift

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

 Photo: AnnaDecou


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