What’s so special about craft?

Why handmade products are so valuable?

First of all the objects created by artists have a soul. Each creation is made with care and special attention. They are extremely unique and extraordinary. Most of the craft works are made because someone wanted to and not because they had to.
Many crafters, like myself, use materials from recycling; in other words byproducts. This is very important for our environment in times of consumptionism and mass production. We are “eco” people.

Getting a handmade creation makes YOU special and original. It is very unlikely that someone else is as lucky as you and got this same piece. Also, most crafters make custom orders, which allows YOU to be an amazing gifter of something unusual for your loved ones.
Buying from an artist automatically makes you directly contributing to their income – no 3rd parties involved.

I hope this short article cleared your mind and gave you awareness about what is so amazing about craft, crafting and taking an active part in craft society.

If you are a crafter and like the article please leave your feedback, share your perspective on what is crafting for you and how it adds value in your life. If you are not a crafter feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions anyway. :D


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