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It was just a bottle form vinegar. Look how it changed.

Some time ago I visited Rome. The girl that hosted me was drinking every day on an empty stomach an apple vinegar deluded with water. When I learned about the benefits one gets from drinking it, I have decided to check it out when I return from my trip. I got the vinegar. Must admit […]

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Grab the chance…

So the date is made. Difficulties are faced, emotions are escalating, new is in front & the old will stay behind. Not always manage to handle things right, but thanks to God a good ones come too. The secret is, as Aleks said to make a continuous effort and focus on positive things. Easy? Not always. […]

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Lemon, lemon, lemon…refreshing lemonade.

Today I would like to show a project on glass. A bottle in which Agni will keep refreshing lemonade during hot days in Cyprus. It is a quite interesting how a desire for this bottle was created. One day Aleks brought to my work a drink in a bottle that is presented here. Agni seeing it got […]

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Small surfaces – how to pick up the right motif.

Choosing a design for an object is not that straight forward. Big surfaces are easier to arrange simply because there is more place to play around. How to choose a design for small surfaces? When you pick an object and a motif you must check whether the whole image can be viewed from a single angle. […]