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AnnaDecou hand decorated binder-chalk apints; Serviettentechnik handgearbeitet Aktenordner-Kreidefarbe

Chalk Paint and relief outliner / Die Kreidefarbe und relief outliner.

Hi there. :) No, no, I was not lazing around for the last one and a half months. ;) I was busy with different decoupage projects and getting a full-time job. ;P I worked on various surfaces using e.g. rice paper, chalk paints and a relief outliner. Finally, today between cleaning, cooking, shopping, walking the dog and […]

AnnaDecou hand made jewelry box. Schmuckschatulle

In her heart is still spring. :)

Maybe the weather got a bit cooler, but each day I try to catch on things that reminding me of a magical spring. Those things are like: sun rays penetrating through the clouds, birds sitting on trees giving a beautiful concert,  playful butterfly (yes, there are still appearing), or the rose on our balcony that […]

AnnaDecou shaded motif, pittorico, wooden decorated box

Pittorico practice – continued.

Finally in Germany. :D Hurray! I have been blest to live not only with two creatures that I deeply love, but also stay in a most beautiful area of Frankfurt. At the moment, I’m very busy with arranging a new place, but the urge to decoupage is still very strong. Mission for Saturday – get boxes, lots of […]

AnnaDecou decoupage box spring, gift.

Spring – how new come to a life.

Life is a constant change, a cycle which never stop. Spring is a part of this cycle. Life which was in deep sleep for many months is awakening, new is born, beautiful changes are happening. Spring was approaching me for many, many months, and now start fully blooming. It is a time for changes, time […]

AnnaDecou plastic box decoupage.

Revealing a secret of work on plastic surfaces.

Once a year happens that we all celebrate our first scream – the sign of life. On this occasion, I got from my flatmate nice chocolates packed in small plastic box. In few days I ate the delights and kept the box – yes, I did share with others. ;P From the first glimpse on the […]

AnnaDecou transfer on wood

Photo transfer – a vision that has different outcome.

Some time ago during self-education in decoupage from YouTube ;P I came across a video with photo transfer technique. Excited about new discovery I decided run next day to an art shop to get a transfer medium. The medium wait its turn for some weeks. :D Finally, after making my mind up about picture and object I took […]

AnnaDecou jewelry decorated box, gift, present.

Baroque woman.

With a progression of Baroque, the frequency of woman image appearing on paintings increased. In many paintings where the subject is a woman, I found something mysterious – their glaze. One can think that they look directly at the viewer, but taking a closer glance, one make a conclusion, that their gaze is not so […]

AnnaDecou wooden decoupage box- owls

Here I am :)

Finally I can present some of my work :D Here we go! One of the first boxes I made – OWLS. Size: 18x14x3 cm Design – owls picked up by Aleksandar ;) Sides of the box are given old look old by using a piece of cloth and dark brown acrylic paint. Inside the box shapes/templates are […]