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AnnaDecou hand decorated flower pot for men. Büro Dekoration für Männer.

Manly flower pot – guys need some greenery too. ;)

Today I have a pleasure to participate in a small knitting meeting. :D Girls are from all over the globe and what is the most important they love to handicraft. ;) The knit and crochet stuff they work on are really amazing! Julia, a sweet girl who invited me to the meeting, was kind enough […]

Making 3D design using relief outliner.

Immersed in practicing reliefs this little flower pot came to existence. :D In art shops, one can find outliners from different manufacturers. Each of them has unique consistency. This gives also a particular outcome.   To see the distinctions compare this purple pot with a vintage diffuser. Both objects were decorated using one technique. Hope […]

AnnaDecou decorated clay flower pot

Part VIII. Simple clay thing or marvelous flower pot.

Many, many years ago when most things were made from natural materials my mum used to keep indoor flowers in a clay pot. They were thick, heavy and had something like a red colour. Simply nothing special, but very yucky after few years of its servitude. I am very much in favor of natural products, that’s why […]