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AnnaDecou hand decorated Christmes ornament with schlagmetal / Serviettentechnik hangearbeitet Weihnachtsdekoration mit Schlagmetall.

Christmas Ornament – Silver Heart / Weihnachtsverzierung – Silber Herz.

Schlagmetal is an interesting material to work with. It is sold as leaves or as tiny scrap pieces. I have worked with both of them and found more convenient to work with leaves. The surface is more smooth and looks more elegant. ┬áIt imitates precious metals very well. :) I guess it must be also […]

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Part IX. Is that really a…

This interesting frame was made during the course (see more here). It is hard to believe, but that’s a fact, it is a plastic photo frame. When I saw the frame as a raw product, my first thought was yuk – white plastic eyesore. A quite good piece was created with some work and effort […]