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AnnaDecou shaded motif, pittorico, wooden decorated box

Pittorico practice – continued.

Finally in Germany. :D Hurray! I have been blest to live not only with two creatures that I deeply love, but also stay in a most beautiful area of Frankfurt. At the moment, I’m very busy with arranging a new place, but the urge to decoupage is still very strong. Mission for Saturday – get boxes, lots of […]

AnnaDecou decoupage wooden tray- secret garden

Part IV. Decoupage tray.

Wooden tray and lot of various decoupage methods :D Sides of the “Secret Garden” tray are decorated using Shabby Chic method. The beautiful flowers and butterflies are precisely cut out from decorative paper and glued onto the surface. The motifs are blended into the background using pittorico. Printed inscription is transferred onto the surface, and then the […]

AnnaDecou, decouapge wooden box, gift.

Geisha Girl.

The plan was to post my work at least twice a week, but sometimes, life takes its own course, and THE plan, has nothing to do with a reality. My computer decided to have some fun with me, and stop working. So all my free time I have to dedicate finding and fixing the issue. […]

AnnaDecou rose wooden box, decoupage, gift.


The best match for this box, out of dozens motifs, was a beautiful red rose. This choice gave me a chance for the first time to practice pittorico shading. It is a quiet difficult technique, but once mastered gives awesome effects. Also choosing colors for good effect is also a challenge. Few months ago I […]