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AnnaDecou treasury box for a girl at the First Communion.

First Communion Gift – a box where one can collect childhood treasuries. ;)

As you can see I have not posted for a long time. I have only two reasons for that. One could be a lack of organization skills or disorder which I call: lost in doing. ;P I want to do too many things in a very short time. ;P I do not recommend it to anyone […]

AnnaDecou custom design fr girls, pencil holder. Box für Stifte.

Something sweet for an adorable girl. :D

I must say that last 3,5 months of my life are extremely intensive. I have traveled in this period more than ever before. :D This time was Poland. Finally after 2,5 years I have seen my family, my dearest friends and my hometown – beautiful Wrocław. :D For this occasion, I have created little presents […]

AnnaDecou wooden decoupage box, modeling paste

An inspiration was my friend.

On a hot day of April while running in a supermarket from one side of shelves to the other, I was overwhelmed by the variety of different dinner napkins. Eventually I spotted one and a thought came to my head – this remind’s me of something… yeah, it is alike to little Gosia :D Without […]

AnnaDecou wooden decoupage box- little sweet girl

A story of a sweet little girl.

When making my first steps in decoupage I watched a lot of tutorials form different sources. Once I saw a video where the author was using a napkin with a sweet motif of a little girl holding a flowers. That motif took my attention and created a desire to get that napkin and use it to […]