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AnnaDecou wooden box with custom motif, Holzkiste von Hand dekoriert.

Bunny and bear – memory box.

Some time ago I got an order for a box. A young gentleman, who order it for his sweetheart, wished to have on the lid a motif with bunny and bear. It took me some time to find the one he really likes but eventually we got a perfect picture. The author of the picture is Carrie […]

AnnaDecou snow effect, stencils, relief, weinahtskugel.

Xmas bauble – custom order.

A long time passed since my last post, but be sure I didn’t go into hibernation mode. ;P All this time I have dedicated to learning German (exam coming soon) and making more Christmas decorations. A couple of weeks ago a colleague from my German course asked me to bring some of my crafts to the […]

AnnaDecou custom box for wedding rings. Hochzeitsringe box.

Wedding rings & custom designed box for a special occasion.

Wedding, wedding, wedding. :D :D :D Most of us imagine a marriage ceremony as a celebration from a fairytale, yet it frequently turns to a hectic and stressful event. We have been blessed by God. Our marriage and procedure associated with this occasion went quite smoothly. :D As mentioned here, each of our guests got […]

AnnaDecou custom design wedding gifts. Hochzeitsgeschenke.

Wedding gifts for guests.

It is closer and closer to the marriage day. :D Big tasks are already arranged. Only the little things still need to bring to the end. Today I would like to present you little gifts that I made for our wedding guests. Let this be a sign of our appreciation to them for being a part […]

AnnaDecou decoupage transfer medium

Water nymph & strawberries – photo transfer.

Water nymph – one of the very interesting motif I have found by accident. I was intrigued by this enigmatic nymph. She look like lost in contemplation. Is she thinking about her beloved… I also saw peace and joy emanating from her. Reverie of this woman gives an impression that her mind is absorbed by something important…Is she fantasizing about […]

AnnaDecou transfer on wood

Photo transfer – a vision that has different outcome.

Some time ago during self-education in decoupage from YouTube ;P I came across a video with photo transfer technique. Excited about new discovery I decided run next day to an art shop to get a transfer medium. The medium wait its turn for some weeks. :D Finally, after making my mind up about picture and object I took […]

AnnaDecou, decouapge wooden box, gift.

Geisha Girl.

The plan was to post my work at least twice a week, but sometimes, life takes its own course, and THE plan, has nothing to do with a reality. My computer decided to have some fun with me, and stop working. So all my free time I have to dedicate finding and fixing the issue. […]