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AnnaDecou hand decorated binder, hand dekoriert Aktenordner fur Manner.

Binder for men/Aktenordner für mann.

Undoubtedly men and papers equal mess. ;p Aleks is tidy in many areas, and I love him for that. But even those ones who like to fold their underwears have difficulties in having bills, statements and other papers in order. No one is perfect. ;P I think that this is a men think and woman […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated ball metal effect, Weihnachtskugeln.

Ferro – metal effect color.

I hope that your working week had passed with lots of positive events. For me, this week count as one of the most intensive. I have not studied so much in the last 10 years. Lots of German politics, history and the amazing thing is, lectures are in german. Yeah – that is something. ;P […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated flower pot for men. Büro Dekoration für Männer.

Manly flower pot – guys need some greenery too. ;)

Today I have a pleasure to participate in a small knitting meeting. :D Girls are from all over the globe and what is the most important they love to handicraft. ;) The knit and crochet stuff they work on are really amazing! Julia, a sweet girl who invited me to the meeting, was kind enough […]

AnnaDecou men desk organizer. Schreibtisch Veranstalter.

Men desk organizer.

When I presented you a brush holder which you can see here, I promised that soon you will be able to see a desk organizer for men. So here we go! :D The motif I have got on a day trip to Wiesbaden. It is a beautiful place, really recommend to visit. ;) You can’t […]

AnnaDecou. Decorated box for jewelry, dekorierten Box für Männer.

Dress in black – for men and women.

Another fresh creation – a black box with silver accents. With AnnaDecou box Collection the uses are endless. In this outstanding box, one can keep jewelry, cufflinks, tie clips, hair clips and other useful things. The design is suitable for men, women and those who likes a classic style. Size: 13,5 x 14 x10,5 cm. The vintage […]

AnnaDecou wooden board, decorative paper

Part II. Decoupage board.

See Part I of the story here. Was another intensive day, when our teacher told us, that we will decorate boards by gluing one piece of paper onto the whole surface. It may seem that gluing one big piece of paper onto a surface without any creases and bubbles is an easy thing to do. Well […]