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AnnaDecou hand decorated binder-chalk apints; Serviettentechnik handgearbeitet Aktenordner-Kreidefarbe

Chalk Paint and relief outliner / Die Kreidefarbe und relief outliner.

Hi there. :) No, no, I was not lazing around for the last one and a half months. ;) I was busy with different decoupage projects and getting a full-time job. ;P I worked on various surfaces using e.g. rice paper, chalk paints and a relief outliner. Finally, today between cleaning, cooking, shopping, walking the dog and […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated vintage Christmas ornament, Serveittentechnik handgearbeitet Vintage Weihnachtsornament.

Vintage Heart Christmas Decoration / Vintage Weihnachtsherz Dekoration.

What is awesome in decoupage that there is an unlimited amount of shapes and objects that one can decorate. :D In this season, I have managed to make few beautiful Christmas ornaments in a heart shape. You can see them here and here. The silver heart is hanging on our window decoration and the one with […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated ball metal effect, Weihnachtskugeln.

Ferro – metal effect color.

I hope that your working week had passed with lots of positive events. For me, this week count as one of the most intensive. I have not studied so much in the last 10 years. Lots of German politics, history and the amazing thing is, lectures are in german. Yeah – that is something. ;P […]

Annadecou handmade Christmas ball, handarbeitet Weihnachtsschmuck.

Vintage style Christmas bauble.

Christmas is over and the days of work and study are approaching with big steps. Aleksandar, a man dear to me, organized a three-day trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Germany – Dresden. We came back last night and I couldn’t resist sharing my observations with you. This excursion was a great jump […]

AnnaDecou snow effect, stencils, relief, weinahtskugel.

Xmas bauble – custom order.

A long time passed since my last post, but be sure I didn’t go into hibernation mode. ;P All this time I have dedicated to learning German (exam coming soon) and making more Christmas decorations. A couple of weeks ago a colleague from my German course asked me to bring some of my crafts to the […]

AnnaDecou, 2 steps crackle, vintage, Roses, Weinlese-Geschenk-Box.

A Blue Beauty. Two steps crackle.

In today’s post, I would like to present you a vintage style blue box with beautiful roses. The flowers motif is a gift from Asket – her paper collection. Two steps crackle is a medium that definitely one can use on actually any surface. This magic medium creates each time different outcome. This makes decoupage even […]

AnnaDecou custom design fr girls, pencil holder. Box für Stifte.

Something sweet for an adorable girl. :D

I must say that last 3,5 months of my life are extremely intensive. I have traveled in this period more than ever before. :D This time was Poland. Finally after 2,5 years I have seen my family, my dearest friends and my hometown – beautiful Wrocław. :D For this occasion, I have created little presents […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated flower pot for men. Büro Dekoration für Männer.

Manly flower pot – guys need some greenery too. ;)

Today I have a pleasure to participate in a small knitting meeting. :D Girls are from all over the globe and what is the most important they love to handicraft. ;) The knit and crochet stuff they work on are really amazing! Julia, a sweet girl who invited me to the meeting, was kind enough […]

AnnaDecou men desk organizer. Schreibtisch Veranstalter.

Men desk organizer.

When I presented you a brush holder which you can see here, I promised that soon you will be able to see a desk organizer for men. So here we go! :D The motif I have got on a day trip to Wiesbaden. It is a beautiful place, really recommend to visit. ;) You can’t […]

AnnaDecou recycle jar -pasta container. Decoupage-handmade-box-for-pasta.-Pasta-Behälter..

That was just a gherkin jar. Look what happened to it.

Sorry for being a bit delayed in my posting schedule, but all for a good reason. ;) Aleks’ brother graduated (we are all very proud of him :D) and due to this reason I had a pleasure to visit a new country – the United Kingdom. :D I am still organizing the kitchen. ;) As […]