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AnnaDecou hand decorated ornaments with paper and Facetten-Lack; handgefertigte Weihnachtsschmuck mit Papier und Facetten-Lack.

Christmas bauble with Facetten-Lack / Weihanachtskugeln mit Facetten-Lack.

Since a couple of years in a cardboard corner, a decoupage paper was collecting a dust. Because Christmas is approaching and I am in a mood of making Christmas ornaments the dust was blown off and mind storming has begun. :) The thing about most of the crafts is it take much time before they are completely finished, […]

Hand decorated casket for prayers, Handgemachte Gebet Box.

Prayer request box / Gebets Kasten.

Some time ago at the end of Mass, our Father Stefan sent a request to the gathered people. I have not heard that appeal. But Aleks, a great supporter of mine keep his eyes and ears open. He was so excited and kept asking will I do it? But I have no idea what he was talking […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated storage tube, handgemacht dose.

Knitting needles box/Stricknadeln Box.

Knitting is one of many craft works I’ve been taught as a child by my mother. Some years ago, before I discovered decoupage, my hands created beautiful knitted toys. One of them was a sweet blue elephant made from organic cotton yarn. This was a present for my boyfriend Aleks and today lifetime partner. :) […]

AnnaDecou self made Christmas ornaments, balls, bauble, Handarbitet weihnachtsschmuck.

Rich and chic ornament.

We still celebrate Christmas, so why not to present more of Christmas bauble? ;) It is challenging and fun decorating round surfaces using relief outliner. :) Working on this ball, I have learned that applying cracking paste straight on plastic surface is not a good idea unless one wants it there temporarily. ;P Are you a master […]

AnnaDecou hand craft, custom design, roses, cracking paste. Hand dekorierten Box

A romantic love story hidden in…

So many times I try to prepare a post on a piece of paper. But when I finally sit on my computer different vision comes to my head. When I was working on photos below and look at the box, trying to keep the pictures as realistic as possible I saw a story hidden in […]

AnnaDecou victorian jewelry box. Schmuckkästchen.

Victorian style – short period of prosperity.

Some time ago I went with a “relief flow” and decorated several objects in one wave. ;) One of them is a box below. First I designed gold relief and then chose the motif around it. The inspirations which came during working with the box guided me to this result. So, basically first two factors took […]

AnnaDecou shaded motif, pittorico, wooden decorated box

Pittorico practice – continued.

Finally in Germany. :D Hurray! I have been blest to live not only with two creatures that I deeply love, but also stay in a most beautiful area of Frankfurt. At the moment, I’m very busy with arranging a new place, but the urge to decoupage is still very strong. Mission for Saturday – get boxes, lots of […]