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AnnaDecou hand decorated vintage Christmas ornament, Serveittentechnik handgearbeitet Vintage Weihnachtsornament.

Vintage Heart Christmas Decoration / Vintage Weihnachtsherz Dekoration.

What is awesome in decoupage that there is an unlimited amount of shapes and objects that one can decorate. :D In this season, I have managed to make few beautiful Christmas ornaments in a heart shape. You can see them here and here. The silver heart is hanging on our window decoration and the one with […]

Annadecou handmade Christmas ball, handarbeitet Weihnachtsschmuck.

Vintage style Christmas bauble.

Christmas is over and the days of work and study are approaching with big steps. Aleksandar, a man dear to me, organized a three-day trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Germany – Dresden. We came back last night and I couldn’t resist sharing my observations with you. This excursion was a great jump […]

AnnaDecou Christmas bauble, serviettentechnik, weihnachtsschmuck.

Guardian Angel – you have one too! :D

Last weekend I was blessed to take a part in a conference about Guardian Angels. Thanks to this experience I relearned what an important part those amazing creations play in our daily life. Are you a friend with your Guardian Angel? I believe that we should have in our homes something that will remind us about them. For […]

AnnaDecou, 2 steps crackle, vintage, Roses, Weinlese-Geschenk-Box.

A Blue Beauty. Two steps crackle.

In today’s post, I would like to present you a vintage style blue box with beautiful roses. The flowers motif is a gift from Asket – her paper collection. Two steps crackle is a medium that definitely one can use on actually any surface. This magic medium creates each time different outcome. This makes decoupage even […]

AnnaDecou hand craft, custom design, roses, cracking paste. Hand dekorierten Box

A romantic love story hidden in…

So many times I try to prepare a post on a piece of paper. But when I finally sit on my computer different vision comes to my head. When I was working on photos below and look at the box, trying to keep the pictures as realistic as possible I saw a story hidden in […]

AnnaDecou vintage style hand decorated pot. Hand dekoriert Krug, Erleichterung.

Vintage diffuser.

Long time passed since I did research about natural air fresheners. Online you can find plenty of DIY projects and ideas. From all possibilities, I like mostly diffuser, just because of its simple use. You can place it anywhere you wish and Voilà, you are surrounded by favorite scent. :D Here we have a freshly […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated metal box. Buntstifte-Box.

Organizing working place.

Two months passed since I moved to a new country and a new home. Slowly I am organizing stuff around me and I must admit that this gives me a great amount of pleasure. :D By organizing I don’t mean filling up my wardrobe, which I really need to, but rather a little corner in […]