Rowanberry – perfect box for woman who loves big necklaces.

One of the first boxes decorated in Germany. :D
A wooden hand decorated box with Rowanberry design. Perfect storage for small souvenirs, objects that recall your memories or just for jewels – even the big ones. A beautiful box for a gift.

23 x 15 x 4,5 cm.

Here you can see a beginning of work. The design was not big enough to cover a whole box. This same situation we had for example here, here, here and here. :D
I invite you to the Gallery. See different designs and work methods. ;)

AnnaDecou gift box. Schmuckkästchen. Handmade.

AnnaDecou handcrafted wooden storage box. Aufbewahrungskiste.

Inside an inscription perfectly combined with the hue of the whole project.AnnaDecou hand decorated box for little things.  Aufbewahrungskiste.

Interested to get one of handcrafted objects from AnnaDecou collection or learn how to create one email at:

Photo: AnnaDecou


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