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AnnaDecou handmade decorated binder.

Part XI. Awesomely decorated binder.

Binders were first objects that we decorated at the course. I love the whole design. Background hues are perfectly combine with the motif. One can not distinguish that the sunflowers were glued onto painted surface. At the front of the binder one can find a name of a school, in which I attended for the training. […]

AnnaDecou handcrafted wooden storage box. Aufbewahrungskiste.

Rowanberry – perfect box for woman who loves big necklaces.

One of the first boxes decorated in Germany. :D A wooden hand decorated box with Rowanberry design. Perfect storage for small souvenirs, objects that recall your memories or just for jewels – even the big ones. A beautiful box for a gift. Size: 23 x 15 x 4,5 cm. Here you can see a beginning […]

AnnaDecou wooden box African motif, magnetic fastener.

Traveler – adventurist!

Funny, it seems we forget what is a pure excitement when we get older. A traveler can deeply enjoy his journey when he entirely trust to God and his guidance, then the fear has no right of existence. I don’t know how may years have passed, but my whole body and soul experience an excitement […]

AnnaDecou DIY decorated bottle

Lemons in, lemons out – decorated bottle – step by step.

As mentioned here, in this post I will guide you through process of decorating a glass bottle. You can use it as a bottle for a refreshing summer drink, a decoration in your home or as an unique bottle for your kid. Definitely, drinking from it, he will think how creative and awesome his mum/dad is. ;) […]

Decorated bottle, decoupage, shading

Lemon, lemon, lemon…refreshing lemonade.

Today I would like to show a project on glass. A bottle in which Agni will keep refreshing lemonade during hot days in Cyprus. It is a quite interesting how a desire for this bottle was created. One day Aleks brought to my work a drink in a bottle that is presented here. Agni seeing it got […]

AnnaDecou Decoupage, shading, bookmark,

One motif on different objects.

Lavender, amazing plant full of health and beauty benefits. Pot with this flowers at a window, won’t be just a nice decoration, it will also keep mosquitoes away. In a wardrobe will give a nice smell to clothes and scare tineid. On top of that lavender has relaxing properties. I love lavender. Hopefully soon my dream […]