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Looking for a present for a friend’s birthday, someone who is getting married or maybe a christening on the way? You parents wedding anniversary or may be your own one is approaching? Your friend kid’s birthday or maybe a Grandmum/Granddad Day soon? Valentines Day on the way and still don’t have an idea what to get to you loved one?
Do you like to be original and love to bestow that dear person to your heart with a unique gift?

You couldn’t get in a better place!

I will create for you an awesome, extraordinary gift: wooden box for a jewelry, cufflinks or other big or small treasures; candle, glass flower vase, clay flower pot, mug, wooden tray, wooden or glass candle holder, bookmark, bag, glass/clay bowl or plate, furniture, photo on surface like wood or glass, decoupage painting, and hundreds other objects.

Write your request at:


It would be a great pleasure to create for you. ;)

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