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AnnaDecou hand decorated wooden box with crackle glaze and 3D ornament, Serviettentechnik Serviettentechnik Hand dekoriert holzkiste.

Upcycled mandarin crate / Serviettentechnik Upcycled Mandarin Kiste.

Some time ago I have found a mandarin crate. Before I got inspired and decided what I would like to use it for, the case spent a couple of weeks on my balcony. ;P Lately, when I was arranging the shelves with decoupage materials, the idea of creating an organizer for paints came to my mind. The color is not […]

AnnaDecou - aluminium flower pot, Metall Blumentopf.

Part X. Working on metal.

At the course we worked on different kind of surfaces. This time I would like to present an aluminium flower pot. In fact metal is not my favorite material, but I’m glad to know how to deal with it. Now, for example, I can create a beautiful container for crayons, pencils & pens that will […]

AnnaDecou crackle glaze, decorated gift, box, key holder

It can not be…

The first decade of April is behind us. Who would think we will have snow in Troodos at this time of the year? Am I really living in Medetarienian Island? ;P Only one thing comes to my mind to share with you today. This box goes perfectly with a current weather. As we have Easter break from […]

Part I of the course story.

Some time ago I mentioned here, that I went abroad to deeper decoupage knowledge and skills. In the next few posts I would like to share with you a story of this experience and what I have learned. It was September when I took a plane and flew to Poland for one week decoupage intensive course. The classes usually start at 10a.m and […]

AnnaDecou rose wooden box, decoupage, gift.


The best match for this box, out of dozens motifs, was a beautiful red rose. This choice gave me a chance for the first time to practice pittorico shading. It is a quiet difficult technique, but once mastered gives awesome effects. Also choosing colors for good effect is also a challenge. Few months ago I […]

AnnaDecou wooden box, shells

Secret from the depths of the sea.

This box was created at the beginning of summer, soon after arranging a new source for wooden boxes. Because the box itself is very good quality, my wish was to make it look very different. While choosing the motif I was a bit limited by the black soft fabric placed at the inner side of the […]