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AnnaDecou hand decorated Xmas bauble with a little girl, handarbitet Weihnachtskugel.

2 more days…

The stove is full of pots and pans in which special dishes are cooking. Those delights will be served at an important dinner. In the evening of 24th December, Catholics sit at a table with their families and together celebrate the birth of little Jesus. In the meantime, waiting for some things to be cooked, […]

AnnaDecou sweet hand made Christmas ball, Weihnachtskugeln.

Christmas decorations.

As mentioned in a previous post I was a busy bee last couple of weeks. ;) Many Christmas baubles were created. They are made from various materials and with different methods. If you wish your home to be decorated with extraordinary creations, or give unique gifts to people that mean a lot to you, then quickly contact […]

AnnaDecou snow effect, stencils, relief, weinahtskugel.

Xmas bauble – custom order.

A long time passed since my last post, but be sure I didn’t go into hibernation mode. ;P All this time I have dedicated to learning German (exam coming soon) and making more Christmas decorations. A couple of weeks ago a colleague from my German course asked me to bring some of my crafts to the […]