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Hand decorated casket for prayers, Handgemachte Gebet Box.

Prayer request box / Gebets Kasten.

Some time ago at the end of Mass, our Father Stefan sent a request to the gathered people. I have not heard that appeal. But Aleks, a great supporter of mine keep his eyes and ears open. He was so excited and kept asking will I do it? But I have no idea what he was talking […]

AnnaDecou hand painted lace, relief, decorative sand, handbemalte eier mit spitze.

Big Easter Egg / große Ostereier.

I know Easter has passed, but I can not resist the urge of sharing with you. :) I would like to show you another egg that I have made at the creative weekend mentioned in a previous post. The egg proudly presented itself on our windowsill during the Easter time. I really love it! The motive […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated Christmas bauble, flowers, lace, weihnachtsschmuck.

Weihnachtsschmuck/ Bauble with flowers and lace.

More Christmas balls. :D This one is also very special for me. Sweetness and delicacy speak through it. A flowery bauble that we will bestow with pleasure to our dear landlady Evgenija. :) I brought the flowers motif with me from Cyprus. The lace came to Germany from Poland. And the rice paper comes for […]

AnnaDecou black & white 3d relief flowers. Box für Schmuck, Blumen.

Black & white but still sweet.

My dear Agni with whom I spent nice time at work gave me once some advice: you risk less in making a mistake by giving a present in a black theme than for example in blue or any other colour. Based on this tip I decided to enrich my collection in objects where black is […]