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3D Bird and Feather / Das 3D Vögel und die Feder. :D

Finally May! 😄 Which means that I had an extra day to relax a little bit and catch up with projects that are lying around since a few months. Today I managed to finish a binder but unfortunately, the sun also went on holidays so, no pictures. 😒 I will try my best to show it to […]

AnnaDecou handcraft box with rice paper, Serviettentechnik Schatulle -Ricepaper.

Hand decorated round box for treasures / Handverzierte runde Schachtel für Schätze.

A long time ago I got a round bentwood box with the idea of using it as a set for an easter egg. Unfortunately, the egg with its shape does not fit into this box. ;P In the end, it serves me as a keepsake box for my Rosary. :D The lid is decorated with rice […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated wooden box with crackle glaze and 3D ornament, Serviettentechnik Serviettentechnik Hand dekoriert holzkiste.

Upcycled mandarin crate / Serviettentechnik Upcycled Mandarin Kiste.

Some time ago I have found a mandarin crate. Before I got inspired and decided what I would like to use it for, the case spent a couple of weeks on my balcony. ;P Lately, when I was arranging the shelves with decoupage materials, the idea of creating an organizer for paints came to my mind. The color is not […]

AnnaDecou handwork course, decorating objects with decoupage technique, Serviettentechnik

Spring workshops / Serviettentechnik Workshops in Frankfurt am Main.

The course participants: two very sweet girls. As a team, they have decorated  a beautiful box and photo frame. More information about coming workshops at the end of the post. Below you can see how, from their creative hands and minds, uniquely decorated objects were developed. Do you have an urge to create your own treasure box, a unique […]

AnnaDecou wooden box with custom motif, Holzkiste von Hand dekoriert.

Bunny and bear – memory box.

Some time ago I got an order for a box. A young gentleman, who order it for his sweetheart, wished to have on the lid a motif with bunny and bear. It took me some time to find the one he really likes but eventually we got a perfect picture. The author of the picture is Carrie […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated styrofoam ball, styroporkugel,-weinachten,-handarbeit.

Still in Christmas spirit.

Since over a week people have been throwing away their conifer. We are not so keen to get rid of ours which, still fully decorated, takes pride of place in the living room. :) I like when it is there, especially when Aleks turns on the fairy lights. This scenery really gives a warm feeling in my […]

AnnaDecou metal effect using stencils, acrylic paint. Handarbeit, serviettentechnik.

3D Metal Effect.

Working on metal is not an easy task. Chances of your work peeling after some time are quite big. I wanted to use this box as a storage for ribbons so making a simple decoupage was out of the question. Luckily in this craft there is many decorating methods and materials: more than one can think of. ;) […]

AnnaDecou custom box for wedding rings. Hochzeitsringe box.

Wedding rings & custom designed box for a special occasion.

Wedding, wedding, wedding. :D :D :D Most of us imagine a marriage ceremony as a celebration from a fairytale, yet it frequently turns to a hectic and stressful event. We have been blessed by God. Our marriage and procedure associated with this occasion went quite smoothly. :D As mentioned here, each of our guests got […]

AnnaDecou custom design wedding gifts. Hochzeitsgeschenke.

Wedding gifts for guests.

It is closer and closer to the marriage day. :D Big tasks are already arranged. Only the little things still need to bring to the end. Today I would like to present you little gifts that I made for our wedding guests. Let this be a sign of our appreciation to them for being a part […]

AnnaDecou crackle glaze, decorated gift, box, key holder

It can not be…

The first decade of April is behind us. Who would think we will have snow in Troodos at this time of the year? Am I really living in Medetarienian Island? ;P Only one thing comes to my mind to share with you today. This box goes perfectly with a current weather. As we have Easter break from […]