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AnnaDecou sweet hand made Christmas ball, Weihnachtskugeln.

Christmas decorations.

As mentioned in a previous post I was a busy bee last couple of weeks. ;) Many Christmas baubles were created. They are made from various materials and with different methods. If you wish your home to be decorated with extraordinary creations, or give unique gifts to people that mean a lot to you, then quickly contact […]

:D What a nice surprice.

I have just logged in to share my new creation and what I saw…?! ONE YEAR! Yes, exactly one year ago I have created this blog. :D I would like to thank Aleksandar from the bottom of my heart for the support, encouragement and belief he has in me. Hvala ti puno! :* The first […]

AnnaDecou custom box for wedding rings. Hochzeitsringe box.

Wedding rings & custom designed box for a special occasion.

Wedding, wedding, wedding. :D :D :D Most of us imagine a marriage ceremony as a celebration from a fairytale, yet it frequently turns to a hectic and stressful event. We have been blessed by God. Our marriage and procedure associated with this occasion went quite smoothly. :D As mentioned here, each of our guests got […]

AnnaDecou custom design wedding gifts. Hochzeitsgeschenke.

Wedding gifts for guests.

It is closer and closer to the marriage day. :D Big tasks are already arranged. Only the little things still need to bring to the end. Today I would like to present you little gifts that I made for our wedding guests. Let this be a sign of our appreciation to them for being a part […]

AnnaDecou wooden decoupage box- little sweet girl

A story of a sweet little girl.

When making my first steps in decoupage I watched a lot of tutorials form different sources. Once I saw a video where the author was using a napkin with a sweet motif of a little girl holding a flowers. That motif took my attention and created a desire to get that napkin and use it to […]