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3D Bird and Feather / Das 3D Vögel und die Feder. :D

Finally May! 😄 Which means that I had an extra day to relax a little bit and catch up with projects that are lying around since a few months. Today I managed to finish a binder but unfortunately, the sun also went on holidays so, no pictures. 😒 I will try my best to show it to […]

AnnaDecou handmade present for boy, Serviettentechnik hangemacht Geschenk fur Junge.

A beautiful handmade present for boys / Schöne handgemacht Geschenk für Jungen.

Hello my dears. :) Time is flying. I didn’t even notice that a whole month has passed since I last posted. :/ Being busy doesn’t stop me from creating new things, it just takes a longer time to finish them. ;) On this cute box, I have been working for the last couple of weeks. Finally after some arduous varnishing this […]

AnnaDecou wooden box with custom motif, Holzkiste von Hand dekoriert.

Bunny and bear – memory box.

Some time ago I got an order for a box. A young gentleman, who order it for his sweetheart, wished to have on the lid a motif with bunny and bear. It took me some time to find the one he really likes but eventually we got a perfect picture. The author of the picture is Carrie […]

AnnaDecou metal effect using stencils, acrylic paint. Handarbeit, serviettentechnik.

3D Metal Effect.

Working on metal is not an easy task. Chances of your work peeling after some time are quite big. I wanted to use this box as a storage for ribbons so making a simple decoupage was out of the question. Luckily in this craft there is many decorating methods and materials: more than one can think of. ;) […]

AnnaDecou black & white 3d relief flowers. Box für Schmuck, Blumen.

Black & white but still sweet.

My dear Agni with whom I spent nice time at work gave me once some advice: you risk less in making a mistake by giving a present in a black theme than for example in blue or any other colour. Based on this tip I decided to enrich my collection in objects where black is […]

AnnaDecou aluminium decorated box, boy, decoupage

Boys also like to store little things.

One could say that only girls are sentimental and keep a unique box under a bed with things that have a special meaning to them. But I don’t agree with that statement. Last time when met my nephew Adam, he was collecting small multicolor glass balls. My good friend son Maks was collecting cards with football players. […]

AnnaDecou decoupage box spring, gift.

Spring – how new come to a life.

Life is a constant change, a cycle which never stop. Spring is a part of this cycle. Life which was in deep sleep for many months is awakening, new is born, beautiful changes are happening. Spring was approaching me for many, many months, and now start fully blooming. It is a time for changes, time […]

AnnaDecou jewelry decorated box, gift, present.

Baroque woman.

With a progression of Baroque, the frequency of woman image appearing on paintings increased. In many paintings where the subject is a woman, I found something mysterious – their glaze. One can think that they look directly at the viewer, but taking a closer glance, one make a conclusion, that their gaze is not so […]

AnnaDecou wooden decoupage box, modeling paste

An inspiration was my friend.

On a hot day of April while running in a supermarket from one side of shelves to the other, I was overwhelmed by the variety of different dinner napkins. Eventually I spotted one and a thought came to my head – this remind’s me of something… yeah, it is alike to little Gosia :D Without […]