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AnnaDecou handcraft box with rice paper, Serviettentechnik Schatulle -Ricepaper.

Hand decorated round box for treasures / Handverzierte runde Schachtel für Schätze.

A long time ago I got a round bentwood box with the idea of using it as a set for an easter egg. Unfortunately, the egg with its shape does not fit into this box. ;P In the end, it serves me as a keepsake box for my Rosary. :D The lid is decorated with rice […]

Christmas bauble with hand painted diamonds / Weihnachtskugel mit handbemalte Diamanten.

Finally, I have managed to show you a Christmas decoration that I planned to create for a long time. An inspiration to make this ornament was Sylwia Serwin. A hand painted diamonds was a challenge I took with great pleasure, but the most exciting was that the ornament must be rounded. :) I must say, decorating […]

AnnaDecou handmade jewelry with orange roses, Serviettentechnik handegemacht Geschenk mit Teerose.

Orange tea roses handmade jewelry box / Handgefertigte Teerosen Schmuckkästchen.

Age is a funny part of a human life. When we are young we wish to be older and when we are older we long to be young again. 😆 Nevertheless, a birthday is a beautiful occasion to gift someone with extraordinary things. As far as my memory goes, when choosing a present I would always […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated Xmas bauble with a little girl, handarbitet Weihnachtskugel.

2 more days…

The stove is full of pots and pans in which special dishes are cooking. Those delights will be served at an important dinner. In the evening of 24th December, Catholics sit at a table with their families and together celebrate the birth of little Jesus. In the meantime, waiting for some things to be cooked, […]

AnnaDecou Xmas handmade decoration, relief outliner, Weihnachtskugel, handarbeit.

7 more days to…

Exactly in one week we will celebrate a unique day. A day in which 2015 years ago our Savior was born – Jesus Christ. It will be the first Christmas since 11 years in which I won’t work. That allows me to finally and fully celebrate this special day. I am very grateful that I will […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated Christmas bauble, flowers, lace, weihnachtsschmuck.

Weihnachtsschmuck/ Bauble with flowers and lace.

More Christmas balls. :D This one is also very special for me. Sweetness and delicacy speak through it. A flowery bauble that we will bestow with pleasure to our dear landlady Evgenija. :) I brought the flowers motif with me from Cyprus. The lace came to Germany from Poland. And the rice paper comes for […]

AnnaDecou handmade Xmas bauble, relief outliner, Weihnachtskugel, handarbeiten.

Weihnachtskugel/ Xmas ball cont.

A first Christmas plastic bauble I have decorated this year. :D I must admit that I like this bauble very much. It is like a magnet drawing my attention each time I look at the wall with Christmas decorations created till now. I feel that this unique bauble somehow reflects a big part of me. […]

AnnaDecou sweet hand made Christmas ball, Weihnachtskugeln.

Christmas decorations.

As mentioned in a previous post I was a busy bee last couple of weeks. ;) Many Christmas baubles were created. They are made from various materials and with different methods. If you wish your home to be decorated with extraordinary creations, or give unique gifts to people that mean a lot to you, then quickly contact […]

AnnaDecou decorated clay flower pot

Part VIII. Simple clay thing or marvelous flower pot.

Many, many years ago when most things were made from natural materials my mum used to keep indoor flowers in a clay pot. They were thick, heavy and had something like a red colour. Simply nothing special, but very yucky after few years of its servitude. I am very much in favor of natural products, that’s why […]

AnnaDecou decoupage glass candle holder close

Special Christmas gift!

For nearly a year I have been sharing a home with a friend, who is a great inspiration to me. She loves sewing, and she is on a path to become an awesome fashion designer. Her dedication, determination in achieving this goal proved me that if one really wants something, there is nothing, that can stop […]