The best match for this box, out of dozens motifs, was a beautiful red rose. This choice gave me a chance for the first time to practice pittorico shading. It is a quiet difficult technique, but once mastered gives awesome effects. Also choosing colors for good effect is also a challenge.

AnnaDecou rose wooden box, decoupage, gift.

Few months ago I went to Poland on a one week intensive decoupage course. There I gained deeper understanding of pittorico. I will write more about this course soon;)

AnnaDecou romantic style box, rose, giftWorking with this box  for the first time I experimented with transfer technique using acetone. I must admit that I was not very thrilled with the outcome, so I took brush, brown paint and repainted the ornaments. Doing hours, days, week of research I’ve learned that the quality of print makes a difference.

AnnaDecou wooden box, jewelry , romantic.

Cracks are made with crackle glaze. How I make the box look old you can find here. And of course at the end lots layers of varnish. Inside something from me – little bow with wooden bead.  Hope you like it :)

Photo: AnnaDecou & A. Glownia.


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