Geisha Girl.

The plan was to post my work at least twice a week, but sometimes, life takes its own course, and THE plan, has nothing to do with a reality. My computer decided to have some fun with me, and stop working. So all my free time I have to dedicate finding and fixing the issue. Hopefully, now we will have better cooperation ;)

Now let’s go to the main point :D
This beautiful, delicate like a flower geisha girl print is place on the box using transfer medium. Placing it without bubbles and creases was a hard nut to crack, as the shape of the print was irregular. But it was a challenge, that I purely enjoy.

In order to blend the picture to the background I use a pittorico shading method. The box itself is painted with shabby chic method.

AnnaDecou, decouapge wooden box, gift.

AnnaDecou decoupage box, photo transfer.

Working on this box it was a quite a good experience. I have learned that it is very important to put equally transfer medium on the print, as later the unevenness of medium will appear on the picture surface.
Also, a little search about geisha girl and Japanese culture was an enjoyable task.

AnnaDecou picture transfer on wooden box.

Overall experience: learning by doing. :D

Photo: AnnaDecou.

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    very super nice :o)

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