Pittorico practice – continued.

Finally in Germany. :D Hurray! I have been blest to live not only with two creatures that I deeply love, but also stay in a most beautiful area of Frankfurt. At the moment, I’m very busy with arranging a new place, but the urge to decoupage is still very strong. Mission for Saturday – get boxes, lots of boxes! :D

Before arriving to Deutschland I was practising multicolor shading method on a beautiful roses motif. We all know that practice makes perfect. Pittorico is not the easiest method for inexperienced and to make look complete one need a rich paint color palette. To master this technique one must practice, practice and practice, so here we go.

The first experience with this method you can see here and from the course here.

I believe that if one want to perfect his skills in pittorico the best for this are motifs with flowers.

Below you can see roses before shading.

AnnaDecou motif shading, jeweler box, gift

Why don’t go full on and experiment with a relief outliner? ;)
My TIP about relief: I have figured out that the best is to varnish the object few times and just before last layer design a relief.

AnnaDecou relief wooden box decorated, rose

Ready roses pittorico.

AnnaDecou shaded motif, pittorico,  wooden decorated box

In Christmas, Aleksander got me from Berlin cracking paste and only recently I had a chance to try it out. ;P Definitely one of my favorite products. :)

AnnaDecou crackle past with rose template, designed gift box

Sides of the box are slightly gilded.

This box and many others will be soon able for sale on an auction. All funds will go to S.P.D.C. (Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus).

Make the difference and Help!

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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