Part I of the course story.

Some time ago I mentioned here, that I went abroad to deeper decoupage knowledge and skills. In the next few posts I would like to share with you a story of this experience and what I have learned.
It was September when I took a plane and flew to Poland for one week decoupage intensive course. The classes usually start at 10a.m and finished after 8p.m. The whole learning process of different techniques on different surfaces was very exhaustive. We were extremely busy, to the point where we were at the same time eating while holding in other hand brush, painting or gluing motifs onto an object. But I must admit, however, this intensive work and quiet big amount of money, that I have invested was worth. I have learned there techniques, that if I stay as an autodidact, it would take me years of practice to develop the level which I have achieved after those classes.

One of the objects we decoupage was a glass plate. Below I explain how you can decoupage glass plate from the back side. Enjoy! :)

AnnaDecou Decoupage decorated place with flowers, Glasplatte mit Blumen geschmückt.

Things you need:
– a glass plate,
– decoupage glue,
– a motif of your choice (can be a napkin or paper, I used paper),
– crackle glaze,
– two colors of acrylic paint,
– spray for glass cleaning.

How to make it:
– clean very well the plate with glass cleaner,
– glue the motif onto a back side of the plate (remove glue excess) – let it dry,
– put thick coat of crackle glaze – let it dry a bit,
– next is the 1st layer of paint which will appear as the cracks – let it dry. Remember that you must put paint with one stroke, otherwise if you stroke twice in one place you will destroy your work. To make things easier you can place the paint with a sponge, but this same principle – one tap in one place.
– 2nd layer of another paint color – let it dry,
– finish in order to protect you work with few layers of varnish.

Remember that the size of the crack depends of the type of glaze you use, the thickens of the coat and the current humidity.

I wish you good luck and if you have and questions feel free to send me an email or simply leave a comment.AnnaDecou decoupage plate, crackle glaze.

I would like to say big thank you to Aleksandar, who encourage me to attend this course!

Photo: AnnaDecou & A. Glownia.


  1. Thanks you so much for sharing! The course sounds excellent . I wonder if you had a moement could you send me the details? Would it matter if you didn’t speak Polish? I love your blog! Happy Christmas!


    1. Thank you very much! :) Wish you all best! Details in your email.


  2. […] decoupage course. There I gained deeper understanding of pittorico. I will write more about this course […]



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