Secret from the depths of the sea.

This box was created at the beginning of summer, soon after arranging a new source for wooden boxes. Because the box itself is very good quality, my wish was to make it look very different. While choosing the motif I was a bit limited by the black soft fabric placed at the inner side of the lid. After some search I finally found a design with light colored shells placed on black background and decided that it will match pretty well with the box.

So here we can see the result of that combination. :D

How was it made:
Using hot glue I attached little shells collected in Protaras. The lower part of the box I made using crackle glaze. The ornaments inside the box, on the black fabric, I made using stencil, white acrylic paint and hard brush. The inner bottom of the box I made to look old using a piece of cloth and grey paint.
It looks pretty good to me. Isn’t it? :D

Stay tuned. There is more miscellaneous work in Christmas ambience coming soon;)

AnnaDecou wooden box, shells

AnnaDecou wooden box, shells- openAnnaDecou wooden box, shells, decoupage

  Thank you for visiting me! :D

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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