3D Bird and Feather / Das 3D Vögel und die Feder. :D

Finally May! 😄
Which means that I had an extra day to relax a little bit and catch up with projects that are lying around since a few months.
Today I managed to finish a binder but unfortunately, the sun also went on holidays so, no pictures. 😒 I will try my best to show it to you in the next post.

When I was arranging photos on my computer I found a project that I finished a few months ago but didn’t have a chance to share it with you yet. So here we go! 😁

I like designs with a convex surface. I dug out ia nice motif that was ideal for this box and perfect for the 3D design.

Edges of the top are made using modeling paste and silicon stamps. The bird and feather hide under a modeling paste which gives a 3D effect.😉



I haven’t found a purpose for this little beauty yet. Do you have any ideas about what this can serve as?

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


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