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3D Bird and Feather / Das 3D Vögel und die Feder. :D

Finally May! 😄 Which means that I had an extra day to relax a little bit and catch up with projects that are lying around since a few months. Today I managed to finish a binder but unfortunately, the sun also went on holidays so, no pictures. 😒 I will try my best to show it to […]

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Grab the chance…

So the date is made. Difficulties are faced, emotions are escalating, new is in front & the old will stay behind. Not always manage to handle things right, but thanks to God a good ones come too. The secret is, as Aleks said to make a continuous effort and focus on positive things. Easy? Not always. […]

AnnaDecou plastic box decoupage.

Revealing a secret of work on plastic surfaces.

Once a year happens that we all celebrate our first scream – the sign of life. On this occasion, I got from my flatmate nice chocolates packed in small plastic box. In few days I ate the delights and kept the box – yes, I did share with others. ;P From the first glimpse on the […]