Hand decorated round box for treasures / Handverzierte runde Schachtel für Schätze.

A long time ago I got a round bentwood box with the idea of using it as a set for an easter egg. Unfortunately, the egg with its shape does not fit into this box. ;P

In the end, it serves me as a keepsake box for my Rosary. :D

The lid is decorated with rice paper. You can see more motifs from that sheet here and here.

AnnaDecou hand decorated Rosary box, Serviettentechnik hand dekoriert Kasten fur Rosenkranz

A silicon stamp came to play in decorating the lower part of the box. I love them because of the variety in the design that is on the market. The only thing I found a little bit annoying while using is that one must be very sensible in touch. Otherwise the result may be very surprising. :D

AnnaDecou handcraft box with rice paper, Serviettentechnik Schatulle -Ricepaper.

The decoration on the lid is made using relief outliner.

AnnaDecou handmade treasure box, Serviettentechnik handgemachte Schatzkiste.

What’s your story with boxes and eggs? ;)

Text & photo: AnnaDecou.



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