Part V. Glass vase.

The last days of the course and the tiredness added difficulties in making this vase. To me, and as I notice, to other girls that took part in the course, this was one of the most difficult and time consuming techniques we had a chance to learn. It took me 2 full days to make this vase, not including varnishing. I guess practice make the master, but to get really awesome effect, you have to make dozens of them; unless you are super skillful in background shading. Then congratulations! :D
After attending the course I practiced this technique on a box, which u can see here.
Overall I am quite satisfied with the outcome. Definitely this vase will stay with me for a years. :D

AnnaDecou glass vase, shaded background.
Background shading from close.

AnnaDecou glass decoupage vase, background shading, flowers

The vase has 4 layers of paint. Each layer was put in a way that it adds deepness in the background. First at the surface motifs were placed and then the background was painted around the flowers and bees. The background includes 4 different colors of paint.
Like it? Great! Share it and let’s inspire others! :)

To see more work from the course go here :)

Photos: AnnaDecou


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