Mysterious woman.

The motif of a mysterious woman I have found in a magazine. The photo itself had a nice range of colors which was a good object to use in order to practice some of skills I gained at the course.
I cut off the background and bit by bit play with paints, colors and shades. The effect is… :D

AnnaDecou wooden box, stencils, shadings

The other sides of the box I have painted by blending many colors together and on top of this I add an awesome stencil pattern. The box photo is made before varnishing. Unfortunately I have destroyed the surface by using sand paper which was too hard.

Well you create, you make mistakes, you learn and you move on ;) Practice makes the master. ;)

AnnaDecou wooden box, stencils,-back

Photo: AnnaDecou & A.Glownia



  1. […] design was not big enough to cover a whole box. This same situation we had for example here, here, here and here. :D I invite you to the Gallery. See different designs and work methods. […]


  2. […] :D After attending the course I practiced this technique on a box, which u can see here. Overall I am quite satisfied with the outcome. Definitely this vase will stay with me for a years. […]



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