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AnnaDecou handmade decorated binder.

Part XI. Awesomely decorated binder.

Binders were first objects that we decorated at the course. I love the whole design. Background hues are perfectly combine with the motif. One can not distinguish that the sunflowers were glued onto painted surface. At the front of the binder one can find a name of a school, in which I attended for the training. […]

AnnaDecou - aluminium flower pot, Metall Blumentopf.

Part X. Working on metal.

At the course we worked on different kind of surfaces. This time I would like to present an aluminium flower pot. In fact metal is not my favorite material, but I’m glad to know how to deal with it. Now, for example, I can create a beautiful container for crayons, pencils & pens that will […]

AnnaDecou frame, gift, photo,

Part IX. Is that really a…

This interesting frame was made during the course (see more here). It is hard to believe, but that’s a fact, it is a plastic photo frame. When I saw the frame as a raw product, my first thought was yuk – white plastic eyesore. A quite good piece was created with some work and effort […]

AnnaDecou decorated clay flower pot

Part VIII. Simple clay thing or marvelous flower pot.

Many, many years ago when most things were made from natural materials my mum used to keep indoor flowers in a clay pot. They were thick, heavy and had something like a red colour. Simply nothing special, but very yucky after few years of its servitude. I am very much in favor of natural products, that’s why […]

AnnaDecou. Canvas background painting.

Part VII. Decoupage on canvas.

Decoupage on canvas is one of very useful technique I have learned at the course. It taught me literally, how to paint a background around a motif that those two create one consistent wholeness. I saw some of the work made by my teacher in her workshop and I was really amazed. From far one […]

Part VI. Combination of two napkins.

:D :D :D I have come back this morning from beautiful, breathtaking Prague – capital of Czech Republic. Prague – one of cities that I deeply recommend visiting! I have a pleasure to be there because of Aleksandar. This trip was taken thanks to his generosity – it was my birthday present and our Christmas […]

AnnaDecou glass decoupage vase, background shading, flowers

Part V. Glass vase.

The last days of the course and the tiredness added difficulties in making this vase. To me, and as I notice, to other girls that took part in the course, this was one of the most difficult and time consuming techniques we had a chance to learn. It took me 2 full days to make […]

AnnaDecou decoupage wooden tray- secret garden

Part IV. Decoupage tray.

Wooden tray and lot of various decoupage methods :D Sides of the “Secret Garden” tray are decorated using Shabby Chic method. The beautiful flowers and butterflies are precisely cut out from decorative paper and glued onto the surface. The motifs are blended into the background using pittorico. Printed inscription is transferred onto the surface, and then the […]

Part III – Shabby chic box.

This sweet box was one of the easiest objects I have had to decoupage at the course. Or… maybe working under extreme time pressure over 4 intensive days, I had already become a super fast expert at it. ;P As you can see the lid of the box is covered with a crackle. I have […]

AnnaDecou wooden board, decorative paper

Part II. Decoupage board.

See Part I of the story here. Was another intensive day, when our teacher told us, that we will decorate boards by gluing one piece of paper onto the whole surface. It may seem that gluing one big piece of paper onto a surface without any creases and bubbles is an easy thing to do. Well […]