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AnnaDecou - aluminium flower pot, Metall Blumentopf.

Part X. Working on metal.

At the course we worked on different kind of surfaces. This time I would like to present an aluminium flower pot. In fact metal is not my favorite material, but I’m glad to know how to deal with it. Now, for example, I can create a beautiful container for crayons, pencils & pens that will […]

AnnaDecou aluminium decorated box, boy, decoupage

Boys also like to store little things.

One could say that only girls are sentimental and keep a unique box under a bed with things that have a special meaning to them. But I don’t agree with that statement. Last time when met my nephew Adam, he was collecting small multicolor glass balls. My good friend son Maks was collecting cards with football players. […]

AnnaDecou DIY decorated bottle

Lemons in, lemons out – decorated bottle – step by step.

As mentioned here, in this post I will guide you through process of decorating a glass bottle. You can use it as a bottle for a refreshing summer drink, a decoration in your home or as an unique bottle for your kid. Definitely, drinking from it, he will think how creative and awesome his mum/dad is. ;) […]

Decorated bottle, decoupage, shading

Lemon, lemon, lemon…refreshing lemonade.

Today I would like to show a project on glass. A bottle in which Agni will keep refreshing lemonade during hot days in Cyprus. It is a quite interesting how a desire for this bottle was created. One day Aleks brought to my work a drink in a bottle that is presented here. Agni seeing it got […]

AnnaDecou decoupage bottle

Small surfaces – how to pick up the right motif.

Choosing a design for an object is not that straight forward. Big surfaces are easier to arrange simply because there is more place to play around. How to choose a design for small surfaces? When you pick an object and a motif you must check whether the whole image can be viewed from a single angle. […]

AnnaDecou Decoupage, shading, bookmark,

One motif on different objects.

Lavender, amazing plant full of health and beauty benefits. Pot with this flowers at a window, won’t be just a nice decoration, it will also keep mosquitoes away. In a wardrobe will give a nice smell to clothes and scare tineid. On top of that lavender has relaxing properties. I love lavender. Hopefully soon my dream […]

AnnaDecou wooden decoupage box, Lavender

3 reasons why you should be a part of it.

Have fun and be a part of great project. ;) Here you have 3 good reasons to take a part in this contest. 1. You can become a lucky winner of awesome decoupage Lavender box. 2. Lavender box is worth €30 and you don’t have to pay a cent to own it. 3. When you take […]

AnnaDecou decorated box for boy birthday, custom

Gifts time :)

Two days and two birthdays – a magic day – 6 of December. Last night I was a part of Michals celebration. He turned… to a wiser man :D To his luck, his friend is a decoupage freak. ;P So my gift to him was a decoupage creation. :) He is a young soul and likes […]