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AnnaDecou handwork course, decorating objects with decoupage technique, Serviettentechnik

Spring workshops / Serviettentechnik Workshops in Frankfurt am Main.

The course participants: two very sweet girls. As a team, they have decorated  a beautiful box and photo frame. More information about coming workshops at the end of the post. Below you can see how, from their creative hands and minds, uniquely decorated objects were developed. Do you have an urge to create your own treasure box, a unique […]

AnnaDecou decoupage workshops, working on glass.

Frankfurt workshops have started.

The time of school is finished, a german exam is behind me. I can proudly say that after 7 months I am able to communicate in a new language. :D A normal part of life is that we are in constant move and there are always new challenges and possibilities approaching our horizon. Next two […]