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AnnaDecou handmade Christmas decorations, Serviettentechnik weihnachtsdeko selber machen

Unique and Charming Christmas Decoration / Einzigartige und charmante Weihnachtsdekoration

Hello my dear in the New Year. :) We still celebrate Jesus’ birth so I will allow myself to write the last post about Christmas decorations. ;P :D This Christmastime was completely different to the ones I normally celebrate. Those most important days of December we spent in Munich. :) Being away from home in this […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated Christmes ornament with schlagmetal / Serviettentechnik hangearbeitet Weihnachtsdekoration mit Schlagmetall.

Christmas Ornament – Silver Heart / Weihnachtsverzierung – Silber Herz.

Schlagmetal is an interesting material to work with. It is sold as leaves or as tiny scrap pieces. I have worked with both of them and found more convenient to work with leaves. The surface is more smooth and looks more elegant.  It imitates precious metals very well. :) I guess it must be also […]

Schlagmetal – handmade copper effect Christmas bauble / Schlagmetall – Kupfer-effekt Weihnachtskugeln.

The beautiful autumn arrived to Frankfurt. Soon winter will knock on our windows bringing the most beautiful times – Christmas. I love this time of the year. It reminds me of my childhood. My favorite moment was to decorate the Christmas tree. An enormous joy was in my heart when I opened the boxes with […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated plastic ball, metal effect, hanarbeitet Weihnachtskugeln.

Last pieces to be shown. ;)

The end of January is approaching and the Christmas celebration is also coming to an end. Before we move to another happy celebration, which is Jesus’ resurrection, I would like to show you the last Christmas ornaments. :) A little bit of glitter and 3D gel and the inside of the bauble looks much better. […]

AnnaDecou self made Christmas ornaments, balls, bauble, Handarbitet weihnachtsschmuck.

Rich and chic ornament.

We still celebrate Christmas, so why not to present more of Christmas bauble? ;) It is challenging and fun decorating round surfaces using relief outliner. :) Working on this ball, I have learned that applying cracking paste straight on plastic surface is not a good idea unless one wants it there temporarily. ;P Are you a master […]

AnnaDecou Xmas decoupage ornaments, Weihnachtsschmuck.

…going back to Bethlehem. :D

Once more I have the pleasure to wish you all a Merry Christmas!/ Frohe Weihnachten! May you be surrounded by joy and peace! :D :D :D :D Photo: AnnaDecou.

AnnaDecou hand decorated Xmas bauble with a little girl, handarbitet Weihnachtskugel.

2 more days…

The stove is full of pots and pans in which special dishes are cooking. Those delights will be served at an important dinner. In the evening of 24th December, Catholics sit at a table with their families and together celebrate the birth of little Jesus. In the meantime, waiting for some things to be cooked, […]

AnnaDecou hand decorated Christmas bauble, flowers, lace, weihnachtsschmuck.

Weihnachtsschmuck/ Bauble with flowers and lace.

More Christmas balls. :D This one is also very special for me. Sweetness and delicacy speak through it. A flowery bauble that we will bestow with pleasure to our dear landlady Evgenija. :) I brought the flowers motif with me from Cyprus. The lace came to Germany from Poland. And the rice paper comes for […]

AnnaDecou handmade Xmas bauble, relief outliner, Weihnachtskugel, handarbeiten.

Weihnachtskugel/ Xmas ball cont.

A first Christmas plastic bauble I have decorated this year. :D I must admit that I like this bauble very much. It is like a magnet drawing my attention each time I look at the wall with Christmas decorations created till now. I feel that this unique bauble somehow reflects a big part of me. […]

AnnaDecou Christmas bauble, serviettentechnik, weihnachtsschmuck.

Guardian Angel – you have one too! :D

Last weekend I was blessed to take a part in a conference about Guardian Angels. Thanks to this experience I relearned what an important part those amazing creations play in our daily life. Are you a friend with your Guardian Angel? I believe that we should have in our homes something that will remind us about them. For […]