Baby steps in decoupage.

Why I share baby steps in decoupage?
May be you are a person like me who started on some craft projects and after a while gave out. By sharing this story, I hope that it will help you to understand that it is ok to doubt or give it a break. Every time you start again you know more, you are more and more seriously involved in dedication to your projects. The more you work on it the more satisfy you feel. :)

Why you are special to me?
A follower of this blog like YOU, who finds various useful, inspiring information or creations and discovered an objects that specially appeal to his/her taste is a great reward for me.

After reading this article you will be certain that YOU are not the only one who walks this path..

It was autumn 2011. I got some shoe boxes from a shop next door. I had vision to arrange my little things which I was again and again putting from place to place. Those boxes were good quality and I decided to keep the spear ones. One day just out of blue an idea came to my head – why not to decorate them nicely. I did some survey about decorative methods, ways and ideas. Decoupage objects were constantly drawing my attention. I wanted so much to make similar ones. I did a little research like reading articles and watching videos and photos about decoupage thinking that that would be enough. But I was wrong. ;P
Excited, I called my friend to share my new discovery. We arranged to meet and try this easy looking decorating method – so misleading. ;P
So the first decoupage boxes came to life.
I worked on them for some time and then I let the outer circumstances pull me away from practicing, but the desire to continue was always there.

In November 2013 I received an invitation to visit Aleksandar and his family for Christmas in Belgrade. I had two really nice, good quality, wooden cigar boxes which I turned into two pretty good decoupage pieces. One was for Aleksandar’s mum with angels motif which you can see here, and other with sweet roses for her mum.

Next box I decoupage in Maj 2014. That was a gift for Aleksandar’s birthday. Inside the box I place little stones decoupage with letters which put in right order created a sentence describing the main gift.

After a month I went to visit him in Berlin. The birthday box was there too, laying on a table and “looking” at me. I was asking myself – why didn’t I get seriously involved in learning this technique? Then I decided that when I return to Cyprus I will dedicate myself to decoupage.
I stuck to my decision. The day I came back, beside the fact of traveling all night, I took out decoupage materials, old cigar box and started creating again. Since then I was waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning to work, as it was the only time I could do it.

In times of doubt I was supported by Aleks. When an idea of attending a school of decoupage came to my mind he enthusiastically encouraged me, for which I am immensely grateful for :D

As you see baby steps. It passed 4 years since I “met” decoupage.
At the moment I’m satisfied with achievement.


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