What this is all about?

Here you can find results of the reasons why I wake up just after 6 o’clock in the morning, and sometimes stay late at night. It is caused deeply absorbed in what I am doing simply not realizing how the hours pass by.
In order to avoid becoming a zombie I have to think of some solution. And here is one. Just before I sit down to my favorite table full of different kind of paints, pastes, mediums, glues, decorative papers and many others awesome things to make magic, I put on alarm when to stop, so I have time to get ready and go to sleep like a normal human. Thanks to this restriction I can wake up early in the morning next day full of energy and new ideas ready for some action before heading to may daily responsibilities :D
What you can see on this site is my dedication to method of decoration object called DECOUPAGE!

Enjoy! :D


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