Chalk Paint and relief outliner / Die Kreidefarbe und relief outliner.

Hi there. :)
No, no, I was not lazing around for the last one and a half months. ;) I was busy with different decoupage projects and getting a full-time job. ;P I worked on various surfaces using e.g. rice paper, chalk paints and a relief outliner. Finally, today between cleaning, cooking, shopping, walking the dog and meeting with a friend I found time to do the photo shooting. Oh… yeah, I forgot about the most important – looking after the husband. :D  ;P
I have not used the camera since a long time. Before I have actually figured out the right settings I ended up doing acrobatic figures on a chair for 15 min. trying to get all set up right while shooting from a different angle. The first pictures were too dark, the shutter speed to slow, the ISO too high… But thanks to God the husband was at hand. :)

Don’t know how much you know about Germany but one thing I have learned so far: Papers, papers, papers! Wherever you go, whatever you do, you get tons of paper. I’m in Frankfurt since 1,5 years and a 2nd binder is getting filled out with various documents.
A few months ago I started noticing that I need another binder. :/ That was a little bit of shocking discovery. ;P

I have worked on Aleks’ binder (see here) using chalk paints. Because I was happy with the result (the paint holds pretty well to the surface) I decided to use them on the new project.

AnnaDecou hand craft binder with Chalk paints; Serviettentechnik handgefertigte Aktenordner Kreidefarbe

A little bit of mixing paints and we have a quite interesting effect. The sweet bear family motif is imprinted on a napkin.

AnnaDecou hand decorated binder-chalk apints; Serviettentechnik handgearbeitet Aktenordner-Kreidefarbe

I really enjoy more and more playing with the relief outliner. :) With a little bit of imagination, one can do really cool things. :) If you look close you can see the frame around the motif which is made using outliner and ruler. The shining surface I achieved by applying few layers of wax.

AnnaDecou handmade binder with relief outliner; Serviettentechnik Aktenordner - relief outliner.

As you can see the binder is quite full. Well, I can just say: Welcome to Germany! :D

What do you think about my paper ‘collector’? ;P

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.



  1. PaperPuff · · Reply

    Very cute!


    1. Thank you! :)



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