Unique and Charming Christmas Decoration / Einzigartige und charmante Weihnachtsdekoration

Hello my dear in the New Year. :)

We still celebrate Jesus’ birth so I will allow myself to write the last post about Christmas decorations. ;P :D
This Christmastime was completely different to the ones I normally celebrate. Those most important days of December we spent in Munich. :)
Being away from home in this period was the main reason why we decided not to get a Christmas tree. However walking around the city and seeing everywhere beautiful decorations and not having one at home was saddening me a little bit. I can’t help it that Christmas ornaments are for me an inseparable part of this special time. No decoration – no Christmas. ;P I couldn’t let go and found the way to invite a Christmassy spirit into our home without a Christmas tree. :) Read the story how I managed that. :D
When we were children the Christmas tree was always in the kid’s room but each year my father brought home balsam and pine bough in order to add some beauty to his and my mom’s room. :) As the youngest, and because I loved it, I had the honor to embellish those branches with Christmas baubles, together with a chain I have made at school from colored paper and other simple but beautiful and extraordinary ornaments. Oh, you can not imagine how much joy this task gave me. :D :)

So 2016/2017 Christmas decoration is a mix of branches from conifers trees hanging on our living room window. :) I must say that I am proud of my project. :) I found my decor very unique and charming. :)

AnnaDecou handmade Christmas decorations, Serviettentechnik weihnachtsdeko selber machen

What do you think? Isn’t it beautiful? ;)

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


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