Azulejo Portugues – Christmas Ball / Weihnachtskugel – Azulejo Portugues.

Today it is two days before Christmas Eve and two days after my birthday. :D
It is the time of receiving and giving from and to those who are close to our hearts. Since I have discovered and develop skills of art and craft given by the Creator, making presents brings me even more joy. It feels like offering a part of myself to the other person. I guess those who craft know what I mean. ;)

Today I have prepared and packed most of the presents. :D In this occasion I would like to share with you what one of the Angels will receive from us this year.

Our dear friends love Latin America. That is because he comes from Brazil and she is married to him. Iwona loves Brazil and Portugal. That’s why Aleks and I decided to give them the Christmas bauble decorated with a motif from the Azulejo Portugues design style.

AnnaDecou hand decorated Christmas oranment, Serveittenetechnik handgemacht Weihnachtsornament.

The motif comes from a napkin that I bought a long time ago in Poland. I have used it only once on a tin jar. But I think in this version it looks much more interesting.

AnnaDecou handmade Christmas ball and crackle medium, Serviettentechnik handgefertigte Weihnachtskugel mit crackle Medium.

The dancing couple look really sweet and at the moment it reminds me of my small family: Aleks, me and our hairy Ren. :D

I found this ribbon months ago in a local craft store not really knowing what will I use it for. And Voilà! :) I think the motif and ribbon combine well together.

AnnaDecou hand decorated plastic ball with 2 steps crakle medium, Serviettentechnik handgearbeitet Acryl-Kugel it 2 steps crackle Medium.

The 2 steps crackle medium – the unpredictable! :D I guess those of you who worked with it know what I mean. ;)
I made two tries before I have achieved the size of the crackle I wanted. But maybe if I would have filled the cracks with porporina the effect would have been more visible.

How do you like the  Azulejo Portugues romantic design Christmas bauble? :)

I hope that you are ready with the Christmas projects for your loved ones. ;)

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.




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