Christmas bauble with hand painted diamonds / Weihnachtskugel mit handbemalte Diamanten.

Finally, I have managed to show you a Christmas decoration that I planned to create for a long time. An inspiration to make this ornament was Sylwia Serwin. A hand painted diamonds was a challenge I took with great pleasure, but the most exciting was that the ornament must be rounded. :)


I must say, decorating this bauble took me a good few hours. Many approaches took places before full action. At the end, I used a stencil, but even with that was not as easy as I thought. The first outcome was a disaster. The inner line of diamonds came out perfect but as I was moving outwards, painting rhombus in equal size was getting more complicated. ;P
I like when something unpredictable happens because this allows expanding one creativity and imagination. ;D
At first, I wanted to save the work using a tape and paint straight rhombus. In few seconds I have realized it was a silly idea – to complicated. In the end, oblique paint brush and shading did the best job. :)


Overall for the first attempt, I’m happy with the result. The only thing bothering my eyes is a visible connection of the two ball halves. But who will look from so close. ;P


What’s your new challenge for the next craft? ;)

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.



  1. Deb D. · · Reply

    These are fantastic! Do you have instructions?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Deb D. ! I’m glad you like them. :) Well, if you need to know something particular feel free to ask. I will try my best to explain how I did. :D


  2. PaperPuff · · Reply

    Absolutely stunning!


    1. Thank you Gillian! :)


  3. Thank you Niedwied. :D


  4. Niedwied · · Reply

    Beautiful :-)

    Liked by 1 person


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