Silver Christmas bauble with relief / Silber Christbaumkugeln mit relief.

And another bauble. :D
This one I finished a few days ago. I must say that making it gave me a lot of pleasure. The most exciting moments were while playing with relief outliner. :D

AnnaDecou silver Christmas ball with angels, Serviettentechnik handgefertigte Weihnachtsdekoration mit Engel.

AnnaDecou hand decorated Christmas ornament with 3D design, Serviettentechnik handgemacht Weihnachtskugeln mit 3D mit relief gestalten.

I’m pretty satisfied with the end result, but there are some things I would like to add. A beautiful silver cap could make it more unique, but unfortunately, I can’t find one in the local craft stores. Yet I must not lose the faith  – “seek and you will find.” ;)

Also, one of the things that I have not found yet is a glass primer. This pushes one to improvise and use what is at hand. So, the sand paper and ordinary primer did the job in preparing the glide surface for transformation. ;)

AnnaDecou hand decorated 3D Christmas tree ball with angels, Serviettentechnik handgemacht 3D Weihnachtskugel mit Engeln.

It may be obvious what I will write just now but sometimes things are not as clear during the action time. ;P What I am getting at is that while working on a project containing two parts it is important to decorate both of them equally. :D
I didn’t do so and in the end, when I put two parts of ball together, the grimace on my face was expressing a surprise: ‘oh no’, I realized! :D One part of the sphere was painted with primer using a sponge and other with a brush.
I know it won’t be visible on a Christmas tree but it is still irritating to someone who likes things to be done ideally.
But who doesn’t make mistakes then doesn’t learn. ;)

Do you also experience a little surprise at the end of your projects? ;)

Text & photo: AnnaDecou.


  1. PaperPuff · · Reply

    Totally stunning!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear! Glad you like it. :)



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